Five Seconds of Summer – The Frame Shop

Autumn has arrived, the schools are back after a monumental seven weeks off and my blog has been neglected. Like most parents, I’ve tried juggling kiddy inspired fun days out with work, trying to be supermum, shooting weekend weddings and evening family shoots in between. I decided to take full advantage of having an eerily quiet August this year and dedicate as much time as I could to my little lady. On the back of a crazy busy Spring and ahead of a busy Autumn/Winter I was in need of some time off. We’ve had some great UK trips away and we’ve had so much fun! Surfing and walking in Cornwall with friends, my vision of being a beachbabe in a pastlife was sadly destroyed on that day in Newquay! Next up were four nights under canvas on the stunning Northumberland coastline, a Mum’s and kids only trip. Rain, mud, laughter and a chance to catch up with friends I wish I could see more often, but that’s life for us all, right?
A theatrical dayout to sunny Blackpool was up next to watch Cats the Musical which is amazing for kids and grownups alike. Its currently touring the Uk, so if you get a chance to see it, snap some tickets up! All this rounded off with a fab trip to London to spend some downtime with family and friends.
The rest of the days have seen Lydia catching up with her pals, getting a new grown-up hairdo and going to the new skatepark in town, she loves it! Hopefully her skatergirl dreams won’t end in the same beachbabe disaster as mine!

Georgina Brewster Photography

So today is my first official day back to my normal working week (hallejullah) and on my walk into work this morning I thought a really good, much needed blogpost would be to announce my arrival into The Frame Shop. A space I can edit, meet with clients, showcase my work and people watch when my mind wanders!
The Frame Shop is Peter Howlett’s baby, tucked neatly away off Grassington Road, on the ground floor of High Corn Mill, Chapel Hill in Skipton.

Pete is the framing guru of Skipton and was The Art Shop framer for many years. More unit space was required for orders so hence the birth of The Frame Shop.

Georgina Brewster Photography

Pete called me up one day out of the blue needing a friendly character to keep the door open at the times he can’t be there. That’s where I come in and here I am! We started this set up in April, it’s all a bit of a blurr as my wedding was just around the corner at the time and I was in two minds whether this would be a good move for me or not. Would it be too restictive on my diary? Would I miss my cosy work from home environment? Would I miss being able to go to the gym in a morning? Would I still be able to do the school run? as with all things…I gave it my best shot and I have to say I love it! I love being out of my house, a space I can appreciate as a home again and not a workspace. I love having more structure to my day and getting so much more done. I love meeting my clients here, talking them through their wedding plans, discussing album options and advising on framing choices…that’s Pete’s job though really! I love my five minute chats with friends that work in the businesses in the same building. I also love meeting Pete’s clients and having a chat with them too. No, I can’t go to the gym as obsessively as I did so that’s why the walk to work is so important for me and so necessary after all those summer ice creams!

There are some superb little business’ onsite at High Corn Mill, it makes a visit to this end of town well worth the trip. Nestled just behind Skipton Castle and surrounded by canal and woodland walkways the area has a great vibe and a great little community spirit of its own. Far too many pastry shops for my liking, far too tempting! The stylish Napier’s Restaurant opposite and Ackroyd’s Wine Bar, not to mention all the shops and cafe’s on the High Street. The Home Company are on site for treating your home and you can also have a pamper day and maybe your bonce styled at Sexton & Co Urban Spa!
So if you’re in Skipton and passing call in for a brew or a chinwag, or if it’s after hours maybe a flyer over the road. I’d love to see some more faces! Call in with your framing! Pete needs to get the tap fixed NUDGE NUDGE PETE (if you’re reading this) so I’m unable to offer you a brew at the moment, but I can happily grab a carryout from the cafe on the corner though.

Much love Georgie x