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Georgina Brewster Photography
I am a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. A lover of the great outdoors, I love to take Lyds off camping. I love to travel and to see as many places as I can and meet as many people as possible. I love a festival! I’m that girl who will talk to anyone, strike up a conversation with the next person in a queue A) because it makes me happy and B) it makes the queue a hell of a lot more interesting OH and C) scarily, sometimes you know someone that they know!

I get asked what I do during the week, well this is me! Most days I’m editing, blogging, uploading to galleries, emailing, submitting to wedding blogs, designing albums, taking new bookings, meeting new couples, organising my diary and updating my social pages. When I’ve got a handle on that I’m on the school run, in my trainers, listening to music, out on the hills with our beagle, hitting the yoga mat, running without stopping and dreaming about where my business will take me and who I’ll meet next. All of this happens and not a day goes by without a massive smile on my face! I am wife to Chris. Mum to my little lady, Lydia (who’s not so little anymore and started secondary school this year) and chief referee between our two cats Boris + Doris and our pooch Betty AKA Sniff. Spending time with this set of crazies is when I’m at my happiest!

This is my seventh year shooting weddings. I spent ten WHOLE years as a press photographer before this. Redundancy came and it was time to hang up my press pass and put everything I know and love into capturing your Wedding. I LOVE IT!! This is the BEST thing I could’ve done after the newspaper scene – I just wished I’d have done it earlier!

The thing about being your photographer is that – when my work is done at the end of your day and I come over to give you a hug and say my goodbyes, I know it won’t be the last time I see your mush! I’ll keep in touch with you throughout the whole editing stage, we’ll no doubt be Instagram/Facebook buddies. I’ll always be there for you in some way or another and I’ll never ever forget you or your day. FACT!
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Meeting and working with new people is what I have done every day for a very long time and to quote a guest at a wedding “You have the knack of making a room full of people feel at ease, you really are quite wonderful”…TRULY THE MOST WONDERFUL THING ANYONE HAS SAID TO ME! Apart from “WILL YOU MARRY ME?!”

For me, catching the two of you on the day, the laughs (and the tears) of you and your guests and the beautiful light in every photograph I take is what makes this my THANG and I hope this shines through in my images. I promise I won’t make you close your eyes and put your heads together (you aren’t sleeping!) I will make it relaxed for you, keep it light, and focus on the real moments that naturally occur between two people who are madly in love. I will no doubt go with you both to a beautiful setting to get some kick-ass piccies of you. Years from now, I want you to look at your wedding photographs and have all of those memories filling your head.

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Georgina Brewster Photography

I’m based in Skipton, North Yorkshire and will travel anywhere for a good wedding! You can come along to meet me at The Frame Shop in Skipton (photo above) or I’m happy to come along to meet you.
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